An ad for came on tv.

I turned to my 16-year-old stepdaughter and jokingly asked her if I needed to join that dating site, because the TV said God wanted me to find a good Christian man.

'No way,' she laughed. 'If you do, I'll have to follow you onto it, because you're not allowed to leave me behind.'

I think my heart just fell off.

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  2. the-head-plus-the-heart said: oh hun…did I miss something? Are you getting divorced? I am so sorry. you guys seemed so close.
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  4. glitchybiscuit said: I’m sorry to hear you are getting divorced… I know it’s no consolation I do hope it at least gives you a smile thoughbut I still flap and squawk like a complete twat when you like of reblog something from me. Much love as always. x
  5. doctorkpepper said: you’re getting divorced? oh, i’m sorry :’(
  6. ihocklecockles said: I’m so sorry x
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    Aw man, I wish I’d had you as a stepmom when I was 16!
  8. allis-life said: Aww :(
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  10. notcrazyiswear said: Does she know about the upcoming divorce? Have you told her yet? It’s such a horrible position to be in. :(
  11. randomsociopath said: Adopt her!
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